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Learn About Me!

I am a general practitioner of law. Although, I have resided and have my office in Bergen County, my practice includes all of northern New Jersey. I am also licensed to practice law in the state of New York. My area of specialty is anything involving real estate. I do real estate transactions for both

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Welcome Back to Our Updated Page!

Welcome back to our Blog! Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find it informative and helpful.  

Controversial Matter

This past weeks dangerous and sad experience of a young boy who accidentally slipped into the Cincinatti Zoo and Botantical Garden’s gorilla enclosure has created controversy over animals in captivity.  A western lowland gorilla was killed to save a young boy.  The boy was in “imminent danger” leaving the zoo’s Animal Response team with no

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Mortgage Financing

As a Real Estate Attorney, most of my clients need mortgage financing in order to purchase their homes and Real Estate investments.  All of my clients complain to me about the difficulty in satisfying the banking requirements in order to be approved for such loans.  The pendulum has certainly swung dramatically from the situation as

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Buying and Selling Investment Properties

When buying and selling investment type properties, it is very important to discuss your intentions and the specific details of the transaction with your accountant as well as your Real Estate Attorney.  Too often, clients purchase properties in their own name which can have negative liability and /or tax ramifications.  An accountant and an Attorney

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Real Estate in the Spring

Real Estate is getting hot as Spring arrives. I am seeing increased activity in Real Estate transactions this month. The interest rates are still low and people are now ready to make their moves. New Jersey has taken a very long time to recover from the 2008 Real Estate recession.  This is largely due to

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1031 Exchange

Many of my Real Estate investor clients utilize a tax benefit known as a 1031 Deferred Exchange. This IRS regulation allows the seller of investment Real Estate ( and other types of investment Real Estate)  to sell the assets, make a profit, but not pay income tax on that profit in that year. A 1031

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Bulk Sale Law

New Jersey applies the Bulk Sale Law to Real Estate sales regarding incoming producing property.  There is a lengthy list of specific types of transactions that are included, herein.  The purpose of this law is to make sure that any taxes that are owed or were previously due from an owner of income producing property

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Lately, I have been receiving many phone calls from clients regarding problems that have developed because they have co-signed mortgages for family/friends.  A co-signer is equally responsible for the repayment of the loan as is the actual home owner. It is extremely important to obtain legal advice before agreeing to co-sign a Note or Mortgage

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Document Errors

Lately, I have seen a number of minor document errors create major headaches for my clients.  A simple inversion of 2 digits on a Deed can create hours of work and hundreds of dollars in additional filing fees to correct.  It is important that you make sure that whoever is preparing your legal documents takes

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