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Tax Appeals

In the State of New Jersey, the filing deadline for Municipal Tax Appeals is April 1. The date is rapidly approaching. A property owner can only appeal the Assessment for the subject property set by the Municipality.

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Municipal Court Traffic Issues

There is a lot of discretion in Municipal Court Traffic issues. Between the Officers, the Prosecutors and the Judge, these matters can be very involved. Due to strong laws and case law precedent, it is essential a defendant be represented by an Attorney. Our offices are here to assist you in these involved matters.

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Tenant Advice

Good Morning.
Yesterday I appeared in Landlord/Tenant Court. I am setting forth ,herein, a few tips for Landlords and Tenants. This seems obvious, but I am always amazed to see how long Landlords wait to file for legal action. My advice is to start litigation for eviction immediately.

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New Closing Requirements

Yesterday I attended a seminar regarding the new closing requirements implemented by government regulation. The real estate industry and the nature of real estate transactions has changed dramatically over the years.

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Experience Matters.

Wide ranging experience and the ability to be well versed on the facts in any legal transaction is essential to a clients needs. Let our office assist you in all matters.

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