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Car Accidents

March 1, 2023

New York City is a busy metropolis with many pedestrians and cars.  Accidents occur everyday in a multitude of numbers from minor to devastating.  Many times the accidents do result in injury and death. The effects of a car accident to the victims in the collisions face many difficulties in the aftermath with injuries, medical bills and sometimes lost wages.

The primary action of  any victim should be taking care of your well being and your injuries.  If capable, dial 911 for police and medical responders, seek all medical treatments either on the scene or at a hospital. If possible, any photo evidence of the accident.  In addition to the car damage, photos of the guardrails, landscape, other cars involved and details that may contribute to the details needed.  Witnesses on the scene are helpful if they can provide their names and contact information as well.  

Documenting your injuries with medical reports and bills are important if you are to seek damages from an insurance company.   Consulting with a personal injury attorney is essential after suffering an accident.   New York is considered a no-fault insurance state.  This means that victims of an accident must try to collect from their own insurance.

Your attorney can inform you of your rights and supply you with the information you need to seek compensation and assist in navigating the insurance company details.

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