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Criminal Defense

Feb. 27, 2023

Drug related offenses have many complexities. There are four different categories : Manufacturing, Possession, Distribution and Prescription Fraud.  Penalties can range anywhere from probation to very significant prison time.  The fact of each case presented is what results in the ultimate punishment for such crimes. David Scillieri has extensive background as a Criminal Defense attorney and he takes pride in his ability to effectively represent clients that are charged with any of these offenses .  Individual situations require extensive experience to minimize and eliminate potential penalties that arise from drug offenses and David Scillieri understands all of these matters and works hard to minimize the outcome.

When facing drug possession charges, it is not easy and there are defense strategies that can be put in place with a lawyer who is knowledgeable and can provide the best possible defense for you.  Prosecutors must provide beyond a reasonable doubt that the client was knowingly in possession of substances that are illegal.  David Scillieri as a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience in this area of the law assists in crafting a defense to the charges.

When a client is charged with fraud, it is defined as intentional misleading activity.. The consequences can lead to life altering effects and jail time that could be substantial.  

David's understanding of the law coupled with his compassion for his clients, provides the best legal services for the clients.  If you have legal matter and require David Scillieri Law firm to assist you, we can be reached at his office at 201-796-5263