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Decades of Varied Experience – Real Estate Focus Now

Oct. 31, 2018

During the course of my 36 years as an Attorney of Law in the State of New Jersey I have handled many different types of legal matters. Early in my career I was a Public Defender for the State of New Jersey in Bergen County.

I handled many Criminal Trials at that time including a Capital Murder Trial where the Prosecutor was seeking the Death Penalty against my client. After a four week trial, my client was found not guilty.

In private practice, I have handled matters in virtually every area of law. I have handled multiple Matrimonial cases, Personal Injury cases, Complex Estates, etc.

I once handled a Ponzi Scheme case where my client was the only victim to recover all of his money out of 82 other investors.

I have handled significant Personal Injury cases with recoveries over $100,000.

I have also been involved in Tax Lien Foreclosure cases which involve extensive litigation as well as many other complex commercial litigation matters involving trials, depositions, appeals, etc.

At this time the main area of my legal expertise involves everything having to do with Real Estate, but the many varied experiences during my career as discussed above assist me in bringing well-rounded experience to any type of legal matter that I am involved with so that I can guide my clients appropriately.