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Economic Recovery

June 23, 2021

As the pandemic winds down, the economy is beginning to show signs of recovery. New York City is getting more traffic, and there is an uptick in office workers returning to their place of business. Along with that as the restrictions are easing, it is clear that this summer the crowds will return in earnest to a pre-pandemic level of tourism. The lockdown in people's homes with children who were unable to attend school is now shifting to an attempt of finding a normal routine instituted back into their lives.

With all of this coming, it is possible that there will be a distraction in everyday schedules of people driving, walking, and conducting business. This has not been a daily behaviour for many for such a long time. All five boroughs of the city of New York will once again be flooded with cab drivers, cyclists, tourists, and people rushing from place to place. As the sidewalks in Manhattan are once again jammed with pedestrian traffic, your head needs to be on a swivel just to make it to work safely.

As a result, sidewalk, parking lot, and crosswalk accidents can be common. While crossing a street, or entering a parking garage ramp, or hailing a cab; all of these innocent acts may result in unintended consequences.

When incidents like this occur, it is important to be represented by legal counsel. The duties of an attorney are to advise and represent the clients in courts, and private legal matters. Along with conducting research on the personal injury that could result, it is an attorney’s responsibility to analyze the legal problems and interpret the laws, rulings, and regulations for the client.

As an attorney, our office will act as both an advisor and an advocate, and will prepare all of the necessary legal documents for the lawsuit and will argue on behalf of our clients. As your counsel, we will devote our work to your fullest possible recovery and will work tirelessly in your best interests.

Should you become a victim of personal injury, we can assist you in your time of need. While our office is located at 406 Rt-46 East, Elmwood Park, NJ, we are licensed in both New Jersey and New York. David Scillieri has over 38 years of experience, and can be reached at (201) 796-5263. Our office will be able to help you obtain injury compensation and will be available to discuss your case at any time.