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Landlord and Tenant Hold Harmless Release Regarding Covid-19

Aug. 12, 2020

Due to the current exceptional circumstances that exist regarding the occupancy of residences, I have been drafting documents to act as Addendums to short term leases.

The document sets forth the parties understanding and agreement pertaining to the current emergent circumstances. The document sets forth requirements for the tenant to represent that neither they nor their guests/invitees have shown any symptoms The documents require the parties to provide mutual notification to each other in the event of a medical concern. The document requires the tenants to vacate the premises immediately in the event of an infected occupant. The document sets forth standards and requirements for sanitation of the dwelling unit both before and after the short term seasonal rental.

Lastly, the document sets forth representations stating that both parties will hold each other harmless and release each other from future liability in the event that a Coronavirus illness arises pertaining to the short term rental.

Based upon my many years representing clients regarding real estate related matters, I am available to meet with you and discuss the particulars of your needs and then to create a specific protective document to attach to your short term lease agreement. Please call our office at 201-796-5263. We are located in Elmwood Park NJ, and we can make an appointment to meet with you to address your concerns.