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Most Personal Injury Lawsuits are Related to Car Accidents. Do You Know Who to Call When you are Involved in a Car Accident Happens in New Jersey? 

April 3, 2023

Most personal injury lawsuits are related to car accidents. As the State of New Jersey is a "No Fault" State, it mandates that the drivers who have been injured, have their own insurance companies cover damages regardless of who is at fault for that accident. Due to that mandate, New Jersey has limited options in order to have the right to sue. 

There are however, certain circumstances where the injured drivers have the right to sue regardless of the extent of their injuries and these rights are important to know in order to fully recover damages. 

Personal injury lawsuits are not only limited to car accidents. Damages are not only limited to physical injuries, but can also include mental suffering and future continued pain and suffering. Negotiating and determining a proper amount of settlement before going to Trial is often an option that must be considered. Insurance companies and personal injury attorneys use different methods to determine the valuation of a case relating to the injuries and future burdens placed on the victim of an accident. 

Navigating the laws of personal injury lawsuits require an experienced attorney who can explain to you the legal proceedings and represent you in a professional manner. The Law Office of David Scillieri, Esq. has 40 years of experience and is available for all of your legal needs. We can be reached at (201) 796-5263.