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Now is the Time

July 2, 2020

Usually, in a time of uncertainty, it is best to hunker down and not make any significant moves until things calm down, That logic does not seem to be the case with real estate as we come out of this pandemic lockdown.

The newspapers are full of articles about the exodus of young families from New York City due to the pandemic and social unrest. Other real estate owners are now forced to move due to their own economic problems. In New Jersey, people of all ages are re-adjusting their living situations as well. The new normal will create stay-at-home workers in a much larger percentage than existed in the past. Adding to all of this change, interest rates are now historically low allowing people to access the money needed to make their moves.

My legal experience and business background make me uniquely positioned to assist individuals and companies who now must make their moves as discussed above. As an Attorney. I have been representing individuals and companies in all aspects of real estate related law including buying and selling, landlord and tenant, commercial and residential tax appeals issues, Variance issues, etc. Additionally, I am an owner of aValley Realty Company ,which is a licensed New Jersey Real Estate Brokerage.

In my career, I have not only worked as an attorney and a Realtor, but I have also been a real estate investor, developer, and landlord with commercial and residential tenants.

I am licensed to practice law in both New Jersey and New York States .My office staff is familiar with all aspects of these types of matters and can assist my clientele to accomplish their goals. Additionally, during a career spanning over 35 years, I have developed an extensive network of connections and contacts in all aspects of the business including mortgages, Realtors, title issues, etc.

Now is the time. If you plan on making any real estate moves at this time, I strongly suggest you contact me to discuss ways in which I can be of assistance to you in this regard.