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Residential Migration

June 2, 2020

An interesting phenomenon has developed pertaining to real estate and the pandemic. Due to the fact that the more densely populated urban areas have been hit the hardest with the COVID-19 virus statistics, residents of New York City are migrating to the suburbs( Including North New Jersey).

Real Estate Agents with whom I currently work here in New Jersey are reporting to me an influx of potential buyers emanating from New York City. The outcome of this pandemic may not be as damaging to Northern New Jersey real estate as originally expected.

I am licensed to practice law in New Jersey and in New York. My main area of concentration is in all aspects of real estate law. I am also a licensed Realtor. As a real estate attorney, who also practices in New York City, I have many contacts with Realtors and other real estate related entities in the City.

As such, I am uniquely positioned to help you in the sale, acquisition, leasing, and other real estate needs which may arise in this current migration phenomenon. I can assist you with marketing your properties to New York City prospective clients.