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Summer Rentals

June 29, 2020

New Jersey has always been very popular for summer rentals down the shore. The current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of people's lives and commerce, including summer rentals. Some Townships are establishing Municipal Ordinances to limit over crowding and enforce social distancing even pertaining to indoor congregation within private homes.

As a New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer, I have been working with Landlords to put together Addendums to the summer rental Leases to be signed by the Landlords and tenants. Even in the event that the tenant refuses to sign same, at least the Landlord can put themselves on notice that they have addressed these issues including:

  • Limiting the number of people permitted to occupy the summer rental residence.

  • Requiring that tenants and occupants self- prescreen to make sure that no one enters the residence who has tested positive for COVID -19 virus.

  • Requiring that anyone that does test positive immediately vacate the premises for the protection of other ( and future) occupants.

  • Establishing cleaning and sanitizing steps to be taken buy the tenants and by the and the Landlord throughout the summer season..

I have also advised my clients to speak with their current insurance carrier to determine what other protective provisions should be included in these written disclosure notifications.

These are unprecedented times and it is imperative you secure the guidance you need from a Real Estate Attorney. Start by scheduling a consultation with our office by calling and /or sending an email. We are located in Elmwood Park. As a Real Estate Attorney with over 40 years experience and a vast knowledge of the law, we are committed to assisting you in all matters.