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The Right Team

Jan. 14, 2016

I continue to experience the fact that is crucially important to have the right team working for you in your real estate transactions. These matters definitely are a team effort with the key players being the buyer/seller, the Realtor , the Attorney and the settlement agent.

Each member of the team must be efficient and communicative to make the transaction go smoothly. It is shocking to me how often I experience Real Estate transactions, wherein, one or more of these team players does not do their job properly and it requires all the other participants to do extra work.

It often leads to miscommunications and problems in the transaction.

I do not intend to discuss at length the role of each of the above stated players in this blog, but the point being made, herein, is to carefully shop around for the right team members that you want in what is probably the largest purchase /or sale that you will make in your life.

You can determine the capability of each team player that you decide to enlist on your behalf merely by discussing with them their experience and by judging their communications abilities.

Again, most real estate transactions do make it to closing conclusion but it will make your life much happier and easier if you work with the right team players.