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Updating Wills

Feb. 23, 2016

I read a very good article today in USA Today's personal finance section. It talked about preparation regarding your Will and your Estate. The recommended steps are very valid and important to make things much easier for yourself and for your heirs. The article discussed reviewing your last Will and Testament every five years. The article discussed simplifying and consolidating your finances so that it is easier later on for those handling those affairs to know where everything is and to be able to deal with your assets in the manner of which you have directed. Equally important, herein, is how your assets are titled. (Joint accounts) pass according to the title of that asset and not accordance with the directions in your Will.

For the above reasons, it is very important to meet with a professional to review all of your financial details while you still have a firm understanding of what you have and want you want to be done with it.