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Estate Planning

Estate Planning may not be the easiest thing to do but it is important to determine how assets are passed to loved ones after we die. An estate plan may also be used to name guardians for young children after a tragic parental loss, and/or to arrange for the support of persons who are not mature enough to handle wealth on their own.

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When a Will is used, a person’s financial assets are frozen upon his death. To unfreeze them, a legal process known as “probate” must be initiated. A second, less used method to transfer wealth is the Living Trust. When a Living Trust is used, financial assets are not frozen when a person dies. In that there is nothing to unfreeze, legal probate is avoided. The deceased person’s assets are immediately available to the spouse and family. Typically, Living Trust estate plans are privately administered by family members or close friends.

Estate plans created by Wills and in Living Trusts are both revocable; that is either type of plan may be modified or changed by the person who created it during his or her lifetime. David can help you choose what is right for you and your loved ones.