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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is a Home Inspection?


You are responsible for a structural home inspection if you are purchasing a home. While it is not required, it is generally recommended. There are other inspections that will take place pertaining to your purchase of a home, such as an Appraisal (valuation) and a Certificate of Occupancy from the Township (looking for open Violations). The structural home inspection is the only one of the inspections that is looking out specifically for your best interests. It also provides you an opportunity to accompany the inspector around the property and learn about the recommended maintenance for your new home. Some of the areas such as termite, radon, septic, oil tank, well, and or lead paint are a few of the items that you will have an opportunity to learn about. The cost runs approximately $500.00 (depending upon which options you choose) and is an out-of-pocket expense that you must pay directly to the inspection companies.