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Criminal Defense Attorney in Elmwood Park, New Jersey

Over the course of my 37 year practice of law, I have done a little bit of everything. Early on in my career, I was a Public Defender and handled many serious criminal matters in Bergen County, New Jersey. In 1984 I handled a capital punishment murder trial. The death penalty had recently been brought back in the State of New Jersey. County Prosecutors were very careful to only seek the death penalty in cases wherein the Prosecutors felt confident that they would gain a conviction in the trial. Despite an eyewitness testimony against my client in this murder trial case, I achieved a not guilty verdict.

Face Your Charges Head-On

The above story is probably the highlight of my criminal trial career, but I have handled many, many cases in the Superior Court and the local Municipal Courts involving criminal matters and DWI defense. I recently prevailed in a DWI case where my client had a breathalyzer reading in excess of 2.1. We were able to show that due to her medical treatment for weight loss, the breathalyzer reading may have been faulty and negatively affected and therefore not permissible at the time of trial. My client was able to plead guilty to a much lesser offense with a much shorter loss of license and avoidance of other severe penalties.

My father was a Municipal Court Judge in several towns, and I have had a lifetime of exposure to appear in Municipal Courts handling every type of traffic offense and other matters which are venued in the Municipal Courts. I have also had similar experiences in the Superior Court in both New Jersey and in New York. You need to be properly represented in a Court case on criminal matters. Please call our offices for your concerns and questions.