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Penalties for Alcohol & Drug Related Violations

June 13, 2023

Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime. Your ability and judgement to operate a vehicle changes drastically whenever you consume any amount of alcohol. Your impairment skews your judgement and coordination. It is not possible to become sober in any quick method as your body needs to absorb the alcohol and metabolize it, which takes hours. The different types of violations that you could be facing are the following: 

-Driving while intoxicated, better known as DWI 

-Aggravated driving while intoxicated 

-Driving while ability is impaired by a combined influence of alcohol and drugs 

Penalties are stiff for alcohol and drug related violations including fines, the loss of driving privileges, possible jail term, and an increase in your insurance rates. Penalties surcharges for alcohol and drug related convictions may result in permanent revocation impeding your ability to live your life with freedom as your vehicle may be impounded, thus resulting in your ability to travel to your place of employment. 

It is essential that you consult with an attorney on these very serious charges that you could be facing. Our office has over 40 years of experience and can assist you in your legal matters in a professional and knowledgable law office presence. Our offices can be reached at (201) 796-5263.