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Real Estate Attorney

March 6, 2024

Clients requiring an attorney need to consider several key areas when in a transaction for a Real Estate matter. An attorney's expertise in drafting a Contract and reviewing the legal documents for the clients is essential. Real Estate attorneys conduct title searches to ensure a property that is being purchased or sold has a marketable title free and clear. They also assist the clients in conducting due diligence on properties which includes investigating environmental issues, property taxes, zoning laws, and other factors which affect values. Another important consideration is that an attorney will represent the clients at closing ensuring the documents are properly executed along with proper fund distribution and any outstanding conflicts or issues. In the event there is a litigation issue, the real estate attorney can manage the dispute with regards to construction defects, breach of contract, or boundary disputes to name a few. Real Estate attorneys are required to stay up to date with local, state, and federal laws and fair housing laws. Their knowledge of the market including values and market trends are all important for the client to understand. An attorney can assist in navigating the tremendous amount of considerations and concerns throughout the time. David Scillieri is an effective communicator with expert counseling skills and over 40 years of experience. He understands the legal implications and explains them to clients as he provides guidance through the entire process.