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The Murdaugh Family

March 13, 2023

Captivating the country in the news has been the murder trial of Alex Murdaugh. The disgraced South Carolina Attorney whose prominence and power in the State has been convicted of the murder of his wife and son to hide from financial misdoings in his law firm and to distract from financial crimes that were threatening his stellar reputation.

The Murdaugh family has a history dating back generations as a prominent American family of lawyers  Three of the family members served as district attorneys in charge of prosecuting criminals and ultimately being nicknamed the by locals as Murdaugh country. Dating back to the 1920's this family's reputation of stellar prominence continued as other family members went to law school and became lawyers that also founded a nationally recognized civil litigation firm  specializing in personal injury.  

The legal world has been  interested by this crime and many Attorneys have stellar reputations they wish to keep in good standing. With every profession having its detractors, it is important to have the trust and confidence of clients with their legal representation. David Scillieri has been an Attorney for 40 years with a history of working professionally and with a stellar reputation that clients have experienced through all of  their legal needs.

As a young lawyer David worked as a Public Defender and was the lead counsel in a New Jersey Capital Punishment Murder trial in 1984. His success in the acquittal of the client was widely recognized and as a young Attorney he  was already working as a seasoned lawyer.

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