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Jan. 15, 2016

Sometimes the best deals that you make are the ones you walk away from. I have many clients come to my office with transactions and acquisitions that they want to pursue. It is good to seek out new ventures and to be creative and take risk. However, the details need to be analyzed very closely and there is cost/benefit analysis that must be applied to make sure that the transaction works. The worst thing to do is push through a plan that is flawed. You will spend many future years to come trying to deal with the problems.

Additionally, sometimes the best way to be successful in a transaction is to give a little rather than always take, take, take. I am involved in several Landlord/Tenant transactions where the Landlords try to keep their boots on the neck of the tenant which eventually kills the business. I have other transactions where the Landlords compromise and make life financially easier for the Tenant.

In these circumstances, the Landlord has a Tenant that survives for many years and is a continued steady source of income for the Landlord, which is better off in the long run.